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MORE Mastermind

More impact | more money | more fun



Who is this mastermind for? 


  • New real estate investors that have 0 to 3 investment properties.  Have an annual income of $75K or more. Looking to invest in real estate in Ontario, Canada.  And are willing to invest in yourself and real estate assets.


  • MORE Mastermind is ONLY for people willing to do the following: 1) Play full out 2) Be coachable 3) Push yourself 4) Have fun. If you can comfortably do these four things, this may be a perfect fit for you.


  •  The MORE Mastermind is NOT for someone that isn't willing to participate. At MORE  Mastermind, we will be making calls, submitting offers and potentially bringing in profits. This experience is NOT for people afraid to take action for what they desire and deserve.


  •  MORE Mastermind is NOT for everyone. Even if you have the money, it's by application/invitation only. This group is comprised of those that know the power of knowledge and learning from those doing it at a higher level and join those that want to be in a room of smart people all getting smarter. Those that know just one new idea could be worth millions to them.  


  •  MORE Mastermind does NOT want people who are comfortable with being average: We are all here to play full out, at the highest level possible. This is what makes us stand apart from all the average real estate investors and entrepreneurs out there because we don't just let anyone in.  


  •  The MORE Mastermind has a “NO RISK” policy. If you get accepted into MORE Mastermind, come to our first meeting and if it isn't for you, you didn't learn anything or feel like it's a waste of time, let us know and we'll issue a full refund! There's really no risk to you and there's A WHOLE LOT to gain.


Here is what you get:


  • 1 Year exclusive access to the mastermind group

  • 12 Monthly masterminds ( 3-4 hours long)

  • Private Facebook group

  • Member accountability calls weekly

  • Resources, tools, forms, templates

  • Hot seats - where the entire group focuses on your real estate investments & business

  • Access to our vetted industry experts

  • All meeting will be held on Zoom and recorded for later use




  • 1-year membership to C.A.R.E. real estate community                          Value  $588

  • Free Property Inspection on your 1st deal                                              Value  $500

  • Local VIP day - Tour local listings and exclusive deals                            Value  $1,000

  • Copy of The Ultimate Wealth Strategy                                                    Value  $39.95

  • 12 monthly 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Jeff via Zoom                         Value  $6,000


You get all this and MORE!


To learn more and reserve your spot book your free strategy session today...


Your Investment Is ONLY $6,000 When Paid In FULL 




You Can Do 6 Payments Of $1097



This opportunity is limited to the first 12 action takers.

Book a free strategy session to explore this opportunity in further detail. I want to ensure that this is a good investment for you and that you are a good fit for this group. There will be no hard sales pitch on this call. I promise to make this call worth your time. Even if you are not accepted into the MORE mastermind you will learn some valuable tips and gain some clarity.


Book your complimentary session today to learn MORE and reserve your seat for our next mastermind...


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Your Coaches For This Mastermind:



Jeff Woods:


  • Real Estate Based Wealth Coach

  • President Of Woods & Mazzulla Properties - Real Estate Investment Firm

  • Award Winning Investor

  • Over 20 Years Experience As An Active Investor

  • Owns Several Rental Properties ( 100 + Transactions )

  • Owns Development Land In Central America

  • Flipped Multiple Millions Worth Of Real Estate

  • Co-Owner Of W.A.M Property Management- Offering Management & Renovation Solutions

  • Co-Author Of "The Ultimate Wealth Strategy" 

  • Founder Of C.A.R.E. - A Real Estate Education & Transformation Company




Koukun Unosawa:                      


  • Licensed Real Estate Agent With Rock Star Realty

  • Active Real Estate Investor

  • Multi-Family Specialist

  • Real Estate Coach - Specializing In Helping Investors

  • Over 5 Years Of Real World Investment Experience

  • Owner Of A Growing Portfolio Of 11 Doors

  • Has Experience With Single Family, Multi-Family, Student Rentals, & Rent To Own

  • Part Of A Real Estate Team That Has Transacted On Over 1000 Rental Properties In Southern ON



Here's What Some Of Our Other Clients Think:


Jeff, I can honestly say the last six months have been fun, informative and a life-changing experience. I feel your grounded sense of being deserves to be mentioned here, this is what truly drove things home for me. You just immediately relate and instinctively know where to focus your skills and talents. I had no idea when I signed up what I was about to learn regarding real estate investing, let alone myself. You have helped me so much personally with more positive relationships and a more positive belief system, goal achievement, and the ability to plow through in not so motivating times.
Not only do I have a clearer path to financial freedom through real estate, I have a better idea of who I need to Be, do, and have to be successful. Successful in business, relationships, and life.
I know I still have a long journey ahead of me and the best part is I feel I have enough tools in the box now because of your coaching, to make my dreams of financial freedom, and life on my terms a reality.
You should be proud of yourself Jeff and what you can pass on. You are truly an asset to the world!

 - Carl Pretty


Jeff was able to pinpoint key areas of my business model to focus and maximize my returns whether it be in terms of money or time. Straight to the point and speaking from years of experience I feel that his knowledge and desire to see others succeed has truly set me on the right path.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with him.

 - Rob Break


Jeff, I appreciate everything you have taught me. Your my Bob Proctor and I’m so thankful you took the time to answer my email. You changed my life for the better and I can’t thank you enough for that. I have thoroughly enjoyed our coaching calls; they were one of the things that kept me going during the struggle I was going through. Knowing that I would be connecting with you kept me focused and my mind right. I can’t thank you enough, God bless you! Keep doing your thing!

 - Tyler Macwhirter 


When I first met Jeff I was amazed at the knowledge he had and the professionalism he displayed. At the time, I was a beginner in the investing world. Over the course of the next few months, Jeff helped lay a solid foundation for me to start investing in real estate. His methods for teaching are excellent and he was always very patient with me. Currently, I have just bought my first income property and I’m on my way to financial freedom! I would recommend Jeff and his company to anyone that is looking to start their investing career.

 - Corbin Gold


Jeff Woods knows the answers when it comes to investing in multiple streams of income. In less than a year, Jeff has shown me how to invest in money-making opportunities, so much so that Jeff has helped me acquire 17 profit generating rental units! I’m well on my way to reaching my goal of making more passive income than my expenses thanks to Jeff & His entire team. Leading by example, Jeff not only shares his advice and support but also educates you while helping you make the right decisions to get the maximum ROI you are looking for. Public speaker, Coach, and life enthusiast, Jeff is an entrepreneur that will take you to new heights! I’m sure happy to have met Jeff and to be part of his growing entrepreneurial family.

 - Mike Schryer


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