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3 Massive Mistakes Men Make That Keep Them Hating Their Job And Dreading Going To Work!

Mistake # 3: No Gratification Grind.

You accept a job out of necessity that offers no gratification. If you are anything like I was you may find yourself stuck in a job that simple does not give you any gratification what so ever. Gratification can be defined as pleasure when gained from the satisfaction of a desire. When you think about pleasure does your J.O.B come to mind? probably not.

My friend you are not alone. When I talk to most guys my age about their job they begin to tell me all the problems they encounter as they go through out there day, a look of sadness or despair sweeps across their face. I can only sympathies with them as I feel their pain.

I was in a similar job Prior to October Of 2010. For 13 years I worked in the casino industry and many people use to think I had such a great job, I mean I got to play cards all day, give away money, and socialize with many people from all different cultures, backgrounds, and status. I even got to rub shoulders with several multi millionaires and celebrities… but at the end of the day I hated my job. I wanted to do something with my life that allowed me to contribute in a bigger way.

My friend it’s important that you understand there is a better way…you do not have to live an unfulfilled life. If you do not make a change now then when? I do not want you to go through life like so many others never experiencing the gratification and pleasure of contributing to a cause that is meaningful to you…

Yes YOU…

Not society…not your parents. Something that you desire. I wasted 13 years of my life serving a company that only seen me as a number. I was employee 4599.

I wasted 3 years of my life going to collage to take a course I did not even like because that’s what society says successful people do. 97% of people go through life stuck in their comfort zone in essence they waist their entire life fulfilling someone else’s goals.

If you do not know what you want in life someone else will hire you to do what they want…

You become a slave to your job...start at 9am finish at 5pm…don’t be late...get paid when they want to pay you…take vacation when your boss says “it’s ok”...

Screw that!!!

If you want out of the 9 to 5 grind, if you want out of the huge rut you have fallen in, keep reading...

So, How can you do something that offers gratification? Here is something you can do right away to start moving closer to a life that can offer you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.

Get clear about what you want in life. Spend some time and really think about this…..most people don’t get what they want because really don’t know what they want.

Set some goals for yourself. Here’s how to set effective goals that deliver gratification and pleasure.

A goal is a specific measurable result. For example….

  • Increase my income 25% by December 1/21

  • Earn a promotion to V.P. by April 25/23

  • Tour Europe by June 15/25). Always remember when working with goals that the goal itself is just a benchmark to use as you move forward in life.

Goals are a way of measuring progress and evaluating the effectiveness of your actions. If you do not reach your goal by your “by when date”, it is an opportunity to look and see:

a) If you are truly committed to that goal (if not that’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up. Simply change your goal)

b) If the actions you have been taking are appropriate (there is no point in driving north if you are in Toronto and you are trying to get to Florida)

It is also important to set goals that are compelling, and achievable.  Specific goals will help you stretch and grow. Welcome the occasional failure that inevitably accompanies this kind of courageous striving. When you fail (and you will) remember that is an opportunity to learn and grow. You only fail when you quite!

My goals are:

1)______________________________________________ By When:________

2)______________________________________________ By When:________

3)______________________________________________ By When:________

4)______________________________________________ By When:________

5)______________________________________________ By When:________

6)______________________________________________ By When:________

“Those that believe they can and those that believe they can’t….are both correct”

Mistake # 2 No Freaking  Freedom!

They say that men have fought and died for our freedom…..but are you truly free? Freedom is the power and ability to do what is right and loving.

Do you have to work holidays?

Do you have to do what your boss tells you?

Do you have to accept the rate of pay your boss says your worth?

Do you have to bring in a doctor’s note if you call in sick?

Do you have to ask permission to take a day off?

My friend if you answered yes to any of the above questions then you are not free.

Many of my friends try to rationalize (rational lies) why they are a slave to their job. Do you want to be stuck in a J.O.B you hate…living pay check to pay check…worried about your financial future….while you watch your favorite athlete or celebrity crushing it, living the dream life….secretly wishing you were them?

Please know that there is a better way… can have freedom. I feel like far too many people get caught up in the doom and gloom spread by the media and the masses. They lead us to believe that making money is hard, that investing is complex, that if you have to much you are greedy.

My friends I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. You can create a life that offers the freedom you deserve. You can work less and make more! 🙂

So how is that possible you might ask? Your freedom can be easily attained by create multiple streams of income that are leveraged

For example….

Write a book… do the work once and every time its sells you get paid. It’s also a great way to create credibility and exposure to sell your other products and services.

Buying multifamily apartment buildings….You buy it once and get paid from multiple tenants.

On line course…..You create it once and every time someone buys it you get paid.

The list could go on and on. Let’s take real estate investing as our example for today. First you must determine exactly how much residual income you would need to support your current life style. Once you know that number you need to figure out how many rental units you would need to buy in order in order to generate that income and replace your day J.O.B...

Once you accomplish that you have created financial freedom...

And than you can work on creating financial abundance ( but that's a topic for another day)

You may be thinking that all sounds great but I do not have enough money to buy a bunch of properties and if I did had the money how would I do it?

I understand your concerns and I had the same concerns myself when I first started out in real estate. You need to focus on the one reason you need financial freedom and NOT all the things that can prevent you from getting the life you deserve.

You can do this….I believe in you!

Here is an exercise that will help you create even more clarity and bring you closer to freedom.


How much money do you need to support your current lifestyle?

Focus on : Consistent, Passive, Monthly Income

Use this simple Financial Freedom Work Sheet to determine your current expenses and the amount required to fund your current lifestyle.

Your Home:

Mortgage/rent $_______________     Tax’s $_____________

Insurance $______________                 Utilities $________________

Phone/cable/net $____________

Your Car (s):

Payment $__________           Insurance $_____________

Gas $____________             Maintenance $____________

Your Living Expense:

Food $ ___________          Entertainment $ ___________

Clothing $ ___________    Other $ ___________

Your Loans:

Credit Cards $_____________      LOC $_____________        HELCO $____________

Your Kids (Grand Kids):

Sports $_________        Activities $_________

Gifts $_____________      School $__________

Your Other Life  Expenses:

Life Insurance $_________       Child support$__________

Alimony $_________               Medical $__________

Other $____________

GRAND TOTAL FREEDOM NUMBER:_____________________

When investing in cash flow real estate correctly you can expect to earn a minimum of $100 of residual profit from each rental unit ( I make significantly more)