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4 Tips For Real Estate Owners To Fill Your Units During This Corona Craziness!

Updated: Oct 17

Who would have guessed that we would be living in a world that is so divided and confused…

It’s hard to know what to believe anymore. But there is one thing I know for sure and that is we must continue to stand up for our rights and continue to provide safe rental housing for our fellow Canadians that need a place to call home!

In life and in business there are going to be tough times. The difference between those investors that succeed and those that fail is the ability to adapt to the situation at hand, and to never give up!

So with that said here are a few tips that may come in handy when it comes to filling your rental units during the Corona craziness…

1. Do your rental showings online: Most real estate investors have a smartphone and a social media account, so you might as well use them more effectively...

Move all of your rental showings on line. This way, you can limit social interaction with your prospective tenants and still offer a tour of any home, apartment, or commercial space. For instance, video call or FaceTime with prospects to show them around your rental property and create a personalized virtual tour.

2. Use digital documents: There are plenty of digital signature apps out there, like DocuSign, which you can use to obtain signatures on any pending documents. And you can send the documents to all tenants applying for your rental property and minimize the number of in-person meetings. No sense wasting a good mask if you don’t need to! :-)

3. Don’t wait for the government to make changes: Nobody said life was going to be easy. And we all know that you only get out of life what you're willing to put into it…

I understand that It’s a tough time for everyone, and although the way we normally run our real estate rental business might change, we need to be patient and focus on what we can control. In the meantime, prepare your prospective tenants for longer wait times to be approved, and advise your eager renters that they may have to be more flexible with their move-in dates, which could be delayed…

Effective communication is key in any relationship and that is even more important in today's real estate market.

4. Stay safe, work smart, and work remotely when possible: Take advantage of this time by using the online tools at your disposal. In many ways the crazy new rules can work to your advantage. Save gas, save time, maintain health, and become more efficient. In times of fear and confusion it can cause you to lose momentum. I would like to suggest you focus on the positive aspects of this situation and use it to become...

Better! Stronger! Faster!

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