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As A Real Estate Investor You May Be Familiar With NOI... But Do You Know About Your RAS?

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

As real estate investors we tend to spend a lot of time learning about formulas such as NOI and CAP rates; and those are important to understand...

But they will never impact your over all business and life as much as your RAS!

RAS stands for Reticular Activating System...

Our brains are incredibly complex. We can sift through billions of bits of data at any time. Somehow, we have to organize that information without short circuiting. This is even more important to understand as you are analyzing investment areas and particular properties.The Reticular Activating System helps with that.The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a bundle of nerves at our brain stem that filters out unnecessary information so the important stuff gets through.The RAS is the reason you learn a new word and then start hearing it everywhere. Or keeping your eye on a new vehicle and then seeing it on the road wherever you go. It’s why you can tune out a crowd full of talking people, yet immediately snap to attention when someone says your name or something that at least sounds like it.

Your RAS takes what you focus on and creates a filter for it. It then sifts through the data and presents only the pieces that are important to you and all of this happens without you noticing. The RAS programs itself to work in your favour without you actively doing anything and as real estate investors that is spectacular. In the same way, the RAS seeks information that validates your beliefs. If you believe you can be a successful investor it will help find ways to support that belief.

Your RAS filters the world through the parameters you give it, and your beliefs shape those parameters. If you think you are bad at raising capital to fund your real estate deals, you probably will be. If you believe you manage your rental units efficiently, you most likely do/will. The RAS helps you see what you want to see and in doing so, influences your actions. This is one of the main reason I see new investors fail. They work on the transnational parts of real estate but they never work on themselves...

Some people suggest that you can train your RAS by taking your subconscious thoughts and marrying them to your conscious thoughts. They call it “setting your intent.” This basically means that if you focus hard on your real estate goals, your RAS will reveal the people, information and opportunities that will help you achieve them.

If you care about growth, for example, you will become more aware of and seek growth. If you really want to become a wealthy real estate investor, then your RAS will help you tune into accomplishing that in connection with your thoughts and efforts.

When you look at it this way, the law of attraction doesn’t seem so mystical. Focus on the bad things and you will invite negativity into your life. Focus on the good things and they will come to you, because your brain is seeking them out. It’s not magic, it’s your Reticular Activating System influencing the world you see around you.

One way to focus on helping your RAS to start working for you is this:

1. First, think of the real estate goal or situation you want to influence.

2. Now think about the experience or result you want to reach in regards to that goal or situation.

3. Create a mental movie of how you picture that goal or situation ideally turning out in the future. Notice the sounds, conversations, visuals and details of that mental movie. Replay it often in your head.

Of course, in reality these things aren’t as easy as they sound, but I do believe that our Reticular Activating System can be trained. It’s about visualizing what YOU want, and then letting your subconscious and conscious work together to make it happen.

The idea is, If I can hear my own name in a crowd of thousands, can I also tune my brain to focus and attract the things that matter to me? I KNOW I can.

This is why I focus on my goals and vision everyday. I have to continually refocus and remind my brain what matters and what doesn’t.

So while the day to day components of running a successful real estate business are important they mean nothing if you don't work on your inner game as well.

If you would like more help and support creating real estate wealth... simply reach out to me. I love helping new real estate investors turn their dreams into reality!

Until next time always remember " The More You C.A.R.E. The More You Earn"

Your real estate-based wealth coach,

Jeff Woods

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