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Crush your fear!

Updated: May 12, 2020

Fear will crush your goals and dreams if you allow it to. It tells you to keep quiet, it rejects change, and keeps you stuck in your comfort zone. Fear has an unparalleled ability to freeze you in your tracks, and limit what you are willing to do. Fear keeps you small in life and in real estate.

The things that we are afraid of may be different, but our reactions to fear are usually the same. Our palms sweat, our mouths get dry, our stomachs churn, and we would do anything, just to make it go away. How many times have you missed an opportunity or a real estate deal because you were too afraid to go for it?

Fear is not a bad thing. It exists for your protection as an early warning signal. But there is a big difference between healthy fear that tells us to step away from the edge of a cliff and a constant fear that keeps you from living your life. Here are a few actions you can take to confront your fear and crush it!

1. Connecting with other like minded real estate investors and entrepreneurs. All fears, no matter how big or small are worse when you face them alone. Find a good mentor or coach to share your fears with. People tend to resist admitting fears because they are afraid that the person will think less of them. A good coach will be able to help you see what you’re afraid of in a new light and they will be there to stand by you and encourage you as you take steps to face your fears.

2. All successful people have structure. If it’s a new situation that is causing your fear build

structure into your schedule to create safety. For example If you workout, workout at the same time. Structure will provide you a sense of security because you know what to expect. There is comfort in the familiar. If you take control of what you can, it will give you a good starting place from which to face the things you can’t control.

3. Learn relaxation techniques. Fear, left to grow can lead to some serious health problems. If your fears are having a physical effect on health, learning some relaxation techniques may help you to be physically ready to face the challenge ahead. There are numerous resources online on this subject as well as a wealth of information at the library. Find the technique that works for you. As one of my mentors once said "the wisdom of the world is at your fingertips" all you need is internet and or a library card.

4. Face your fears. The last step is to actually face your fears. First, it is important to note

that some fears are healthy and some situations should be avoided for your own personal safety. There are no hero points awarded for going into a personally threatening situation. However, if the threat is more mental than physical, actually doing the thing you’re afraid of can be the best antidote of all. Don’t forget that it is often easiest to do this in steps. If your biggest fear is public speaking (like mine was) don’t offer to address the room at the next real estate networking event, but do something smaller. Consider taking a class that teaches public speaking or hire a coach that coaches people how to become a good public speaker. From there you can give a small talk at your next real estate meeting, something with a small audience and familiar faces, then work your way up from there. Facing your fears is a process. Remember to simply focus on one step at a time and keep moving forward.

You will still feel the fear but you will be able to act in spite of it.

What obstacles are holding you back? Comment below or better yet... Let's connect! I would live to help :-)

Until next time always remember " The More You C.A.R.E. The More You Earn"

Your real estate based wealth coach,

Jeff Woods

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