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Do You Know The 4 Steps To REAL WEALTH Creation?

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

My coaching students all want wealth. But, when I ask what strategy or technique they are currently using to attain wealth, they have no clarity. Let’s take a look at the 4 steps YOU must take to attain & earn wealth.

Step 1 is Obscurity.

Tragically 97% of most entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and business owners are at this stage. Struggling to make it, working way to hard and confused as to why they are not achieving their desired outcome. At this level you are known by your clients and a handful of other connections but hardly anyone else. It means that when you want to get a new client, you need to go to total strangers, the cold market, expensive advertising, etc. At this level it is very challenging to grow your business and create real wealth. How can you serve people with your products

and/or services if no one knows who you are and how you can help them.

Step 2 is Visibility.

When you wish to attain wealth, don’t go for it. Going for wealth will paradoxically guarantee that wealth will elude you.

Like the horizon, it will keep receding. Wealth and happiness are the two goals that you cannot approach directly. You must go elsewhere and wealth and happiness come along afterwards for free.

Do not desperately chase wealth, simply go for visibility. The more visibility, the closer you are to wealth. Let me state this very strongly – as a general rule, everyone who has wealth first got visibility.

More visibility – that means the more you are seen and the more that people know of you – the faster you move towards wealth. You get visibility by being an author, by being on TV or radio, by writing a well-read blog, by paying for a well-placed billboard, by speaking in public, videos, social media, marketing, etc.

Step 3 is Credibility.

Once you’ve attained visibility, you must ensure you have Credibility. That means that they don’t just know of you, they also like, admire, trust, and respect you. You first have to be known, and then you need to be liked. This takes some time. But it can be done quickly if you focus on it consistently and take action. You must mean what you say and do what you say. Your reputation in business and in life is very important.

Step 4 is Wealth.

Once you have completed these simple steps and you consistently deliver value to the market place you will begin to attract wealth. The more people you serve the more wealth you create & earn.

How will you and your company/brand serve the market place?

Until next time always remember " The More You C.A.R.E. The More You Earn" Your real estate based wealth coach,

Jeff Woods

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