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Hey Real Estate Entrepreneurs..Do You Lack Clarity?

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Most people never get what they want in life because they either have no clue what they want or they are living to please others rather than pursuing their own goals, dreams, and desires. You need clarity! How clear? Chrystal!

To be a successful real estate investor, business owner, and entrepreneur you must always begin with the end in mind.

Whenever I buy an investment property I always want to know what my possible exit strategies may be so that I can minimize risk and structure my purchase, renovations, and marketing to meet my end objectives.

The same holds true for not only your real estate but your life as well. You see real estate is merely a tool to help you create more time and money to fund your desired lifestyle.

They say the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions. A question I always like to ask my coaching students is:

If you were to fast forward 1 year from today and you were looking back over the year what would you want to have accomplished in order for you to feel like you we're productive and moving your life towards your end goals? Take a moment and answer that question now!

This is a great question that you can use every year to plan out what you want to accomplish. Once you have a clearly defined vision for what you want in life and real estate you can plan out the appropriate actions to achieve your goals.

What do you really want?

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” ~Lao Tzu~

This is a simple question but you would be surprised how many people get this wrong and do not understand why. The two words in the sentence

that I want you to focus on are "YOU" and "REALLY"

Let me explain.

There was a little girl that was born into a family of doctors. As a child she longed to become a professional dancer however her mother and father had a different plan for her. In their mind dancing was not a noble profession and so they pressured their daughter to get good grades, go to university, medical school, and ultimately become a doctor just like so many others in her family had done.

As the little girl blossomed into a young lady she became more conflicted, sad, and depressed; you see on one hand she did not want to disappoint her parents that she loved dearly but her dreams of becoming a professional dancer were quickly slipping away with each passing year.

The pain of living someone else's dream became too much for her to bare and one night while she was doing her internship in the emergency ward she had decided that she would rather die than continue living a life with no meaning and joy to her. She decided that she was going to commit suicide. On that fateful night she went back to her dimly lit apartment , crying profusely and planed out her last moments on earth. As fate would have it one of the head nurses working in the E.R that night who was able to recognize the signs of depression had a strange feeling and was concerned for her well being. As a concerned nurse she decided to call and check up.

That phone call saved this amazing young ladies life! You see the ringing of the phone jolted her from the depressed mental state she was in and for some reason she was compelled to answer.

The two ladies had a long heartfelt conversation that changed her life forever.

She dropped out of medical school, moved to Mexico and started a small dance studio, over time that studio grew, and she ended up landing some very lucrative contracts with cruise lines and large hotel chains. Today she is happy living her dream and makes far more money than any of the doctors in her family.

So back to the question. What do YOU really want? ( Not your parents, your spouse, your kids, your government, society, etc)

Now the next part the sentence that many people struggle with is "Really"

Let me explain with another story.

Meet Carl. Carl is an average guy with big dreams he grew up helping out his family that had owned the local pizzeria for years. It was a good business and had supported his family for many years. Nothing fancy but enough to get by.

I asked Carl the same question I asked you in this blog and here was his answer. "I would like to open a restaurant but not like my family. Mine will be more upscale and generate more profit. I will make One million dollars net income per year"

So do you think this is a knobble goal? Do you think it is what Carl really wants?

Let's see how the story plays out...

True to his word Carl was great at running a restaurant, after all he had several years of experience helping his father growing up and Carl enjoyed creating the menu and cooking fancy dishes that satisfied his clients and kept them coming back over and over again.

Carl even surpassed his financial goal Of one million dollars net income per year!

Pretty impressive right?

Well lets dig a little deeper. You see Carl built his business around him. It was his recipes, his vision, he had to track the inventory, and count the money to ensure he was not being ripped off.

Over the years this took a toll on Carl, working 15 hour day and being a slave to his business had ruined his life.

Carl had the money and the business but what he lost in the pursuit of his dream was the things that were most important.

Carl lost his health

He lost his freedom

His marriage fell apart

And he lost several precious years with his children that he will never get back. Carl made the tragic mistake that I see so many real estate investors and business owners make. He focused too much on the "Means" goal and lost focus of the "END" goal. You see Carl only wanted the money so that he have more time to spend with his family and he sacrificed his health and freedom in the pursuit of money. What he accomplished was not what he REALLY wanted!

As your real estate based wealth coach I want to ensure that this never happens to you.

Unfortunately many real estate investors and business owners learn this lesson the hard way.

The more clear your vision is the better off you will be.

So I would suggest you really think about this very important question...

What is it that you really want?

Your life may depend on it!

Until next time always remember " The More You C.A.R.E. The More You Earn" Your real estate based wealth coach,Jeff Woods

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