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Many Real Estate Investors Get Stuck On The "HOW"!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Don't worry how!

Do not worry about "how" you will become a successful real estate investor. Simply focus on what you want and why you want it. Many of my past students and clients get caught up on all the details of every aspect of real estate investing. This will only cause you to become overwhelmed and give up on your real estate goals.

While you want to keep the big picture in mind you must break it down into small steps and simply keep moving forward to accomplish that one step...ultimately moving you closer to the end goal.

Will Smith tells a childhood story of the time his father made him lay the bricks at a property, for a young boy with no experience in brick work this looked like an impossible task. But his father shared a message with him that I want to share with you today. His father said "Will just focus on laying one brick as perfect as a brick can be laid". Young Will took his advice and began working, before long the entire job was complete and Will felt a great sense of accomplishment and learned a valuable lesson that he uses to this very day. You see when Will focused on the entire job he was overwhelmed and did not believe he could do it. But when he focused only on one brick at a time he was able to achieve his goal!

This was the same strategy I implemented in my real estate business. In 2007 I had set a goal to acquire 100 rental units. At the time I was stuck in my day job, broke, no money, and in debt. The goal of 100 rental units seemed impossible and overwhelming but I just focused on buying 1 property at a time... And by 2013 I had over 100 units. I converted my HUGE dream into small goals and took massive and consistent action. I did not worry about anything other than the task in front of me...

Once I completed the task at hand the next task revealed itself. Think of driving your car at night. Your head lights only allow you to see a short distance in front of you. But you continue to drive forward trusting that there will be more road ahead even though you cannot see it.

If you would like help turning your dreams into your reality book a complimentary strategy session here. Together you and I will develop an action plan to help you achieve your goals.

Until next time always remember " The More You C.A.R.E. The More You Earn" Your real estate-based wealth coach,

Jeff Woods

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