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Reflection-Results! Was It Worth Hiring A Real Estate Based Wealth Coach?

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

As a real estate investor we can often get caught up in the day to day

monotony of the business. Looking at properties, raising capital, analyzing deals, managing renovations, responding to tenants, etc etc...

Does this sound familiar? If so, you are working IN your business and you should be working ON your business. But that's a topic for another day.

Recently I was holding a coaching session with one of my clients that had been working with me for about 11 months. I notice the same trend, he was so focused on the day to day tasks that he forgot to take some time and really reflect on all that he had accomplished.

I suggested that he slows down for a moment and reflect on the past 11 months and everything that he has accomplished in such a short time.

Here is what he sent me:

This is the list of accomplishments I put together. It's a really big list! It feels really good to put things in perspective and see how much I have accomplished in a relatively short period of time! 

Accomplishments to date (as of June 2018)

  • Hired a real estate and wealth coach

  • Worked on developing my vision, habits, my why, my purpose 

  • Identified my 3 areas of focus

  • Started making progress on morning / evening rituals – so far read vision in the morning, take notes on journal, spend 30 min reading a self help or motivational book.  

  • Learn how to interpret MLS listing details... Got into the habit of looking at new MLS listings every day

  • Became aware of different investing strategies (single family, multi family)

  • Analyzed deals almost every day

  • Developed comprehensive financial model to assess deals that projects yearly results for 10 year period

  • Made and negotiated several offers to purchase

  • Assessed opportunities to add value to properties (i.e. adding a bedroom, a deck, converting a half bath into a full bath, adding a basement suite)Requested contractor quotes for projects and hire contractors

  • Learned about investor financing thru talking / working with different mortgage brokers

  • Developed a partnership with a fellow real estate investor

  • Invested in 6 properties (1 alone with my wife, 4 with an investor partner, 1 with a money partner)

  • Entered into several JV agreements with my investor partner

  • Entered into first JV agreement with a money partner

  • Developed and post Kijiji ads for rentals

  • Created rental applications

  • Qualified rental candidates thru phone conversations

  • Qualified rental candidates thru references checks and using a screening application (Naborly)

  • Signed rental agreements

  • Learned about tenant move in practices (checklists, docs to sign, etc.)

  • Hired a property manager to do the release process and manage one of my properties

  • Attended many Real Estate investing events

  • Met many other real estate investors

  • Read lots of Real Estate books (Real estate investing in Canada, Secrets of real estate cycles, Investor financing tips, The ultimate wealth strategy, Income for Life, Your Life your Terms, Making money in real estate, What every real estate investor needs to know about cash flow)

  • Listened to many real estate related podcasts, focusing on Canadian investors

  • Read / listen lots of self development books (You were born rich, The art of living, As a man thinketh, Your invisible power, Think & grow rich, The success principles, The science of getting rich, Awaken the giant within, The secret of making money is having some, The power of focus, The E myth, Influence - the psychology of persuasion, The wolf of wall street, The way of the wolf)

  • Started working on a JV guide

  • Prepared and delivered a presentation on “how the mind works

  • Working together with my wife to lay the foundations to manager all book keeping and property management tasks for our properties

  • Raised  capital from multiple sources

  • Built a power team (realtors, contractors, inspectors, property manager, lawyer, accountant, mortgage brokers)

  • Built a replicatable “system” that can be applied to new deals

  • I feel I grew a lot as a  person, becoming much more confident in making decisions and taking action

  • Strengthen my relationship with my wife by working together to develop a business around real estate investing

  • I believe we are positively influencing our kids by becoming better role models

  • Developed a foundation of assets and income that will create wealth and financial security for my whole family

  • Assets acquired since November 2017 (alone and in partnerships): over $2.1M that will have a gross income of over $190K annually


In less than 1 year he had accomplished some amazing results. By taking some time to reflect he was shocked and amazed at all that he had accomplished. Imagine what he will accomplish in 5 years... or ten years...

Take some time and reflect on all that you have accomplished. Celebrate your victories and learn from your failures.

I love seeing the transformation my clients have made. I am thrilled to see them putting in the effort and reaping all the rewards as a result of there work. As a real estate based wealth coach I am privileged to help my clients build a real estate company that delivers the finances and freedom that they desire.

Just out of curiosity... what do you think Sergio's return on coaching investment is?

How much would you invest to duplicate my clients success? $20K?, $50K, More?...

If you would like some help turning your dreams into your reality please reach out when your ready. If you are willing to put in the work I will show you the way...

Until next time always remember "C.A.R.E. More Work Less"

Your real estate based wealth coach,

Jeff Woods

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