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The Invisible Thief That Robs You Everyday!

Updated: Oct 17

As a real estate investment coach I have helped many clients overcome a wide variety of issues that holds them back from achieving success in real estate…

But the most challenging part about coaching and sharing my business knowledge with aspiring real estate investors, is that most people will simply not survive…

I'd say 90-95% of people who enter into the real estate investing business, will never make money.

They've bought all of the real estate courses, join all the local real estate groups, and have gone to all of the seminars for years, and yet they're still stuck.

So why do you think that happens?

Keep reading and I'll show why this is the case...

The first reason is the most important, and also the most challenging because you can’t see it...

And as you can imagine, it's very challenging to change something you can't see and that you're unaware of.

I'm referring to the subconscious programs that control our lives.

When we're children, specifically through the ages of 2-12, our brains are like sponges.

As a child, your brain was observing everything you saw, touched, tasted, heard, and smelled because it needed to figure out how the world works as fast as possible in order to ensure you survive.

Arguably the most powerful information it paid attention to was the feedback and information it observed from your family members and friends.

Your brain needed to figure out the dynamics of your tribe... Of who was safe, and who wasn't... Of what kind of behaviors were encouraged, and which weren't... Of what kind of beliefs were rewarded, and which were rejected.

It needed to figure out the social dynamics it was now a part of, and most importantly, dependent upon.


Because doing, saying, or believing anything that went against the tribe meant you might be expelled, and expulsion meant certain death before the rise of modern society.

So if you were born and raised in a family or in a social group (friends, extended family, school, church, government, etc.), that viewed wealthy people as evil, greedy, or selfish... Or the pursuit of money as the same...

Then you internalized that message to one degree or another...

And the cues your brain picked up on were very subtle...

Maybe one day a mom or dad casually made a disparaging remark about a wealthy person or celebrity in the media...

Or maybe there was a comment dropped about their "rich boss" that was delivered with a slight tone of resentment...

Or maybe you observed that you were the poorest family in the neighborhood, and you felt shame because of that.

Comments you would consciously dismiss today, were observed and absorbed as a matter of life and death when you were young.

Over time, all of that information turned into beliefs and the subconscious programs that your brain uses to this very day, to filter everything it experiences in your life in order to make sense of it.

For example...

Money is literally nothing more than dirty pieces of paper.

It's an inanimate object.

And yet each of our brains have given money a significant amount of meaning, but what it means is unique to you based on the programs you adopted when you were young.

For some people, money means joy, safety, security, fun, and freedom.

For other people, money means fear, shame, guilt, and insecurity.

If you grew up around people who believed money had power over them... Who believed that money as the cause of all of their problems... And who believed that they were some how victims of money...

Then guess what?

Your brain observed and adopted those beliefs.

And now that you're an adult, and that you consciously want to make more money, you're fighting an invisible enemy you don't even know you're up against.

You're fighting lines of internal code and programming that will silently override your conscious desires, because your subconscious programs have dominance. They are the default.

So if you've been trying to make more money for years...

If you've been trying to build a business...

If you've been buying all the real estate courses and books...

But you still haven't made any progress, there are invisible chains holding your back...

Your brain ALWAYS does what it thinks is best for your safety and survival, and if it believes that making money will threaten either of those, then it will not allow you to make money.

If you do happen to make it, (such as by winning the lottery), then it will sabotage you and cause you to get rid of it in order to get back to the state it believes is most safe.

This is why you can hand 100 different people $1 million, and the exact same book on investing, and all 100 people are going to make different decisions, and end up with different results because there are 100 unique programs being run.

So if this describes you, I want you to know that it's literally not your fault. (And I never say that).

If you've struggled with financial prosperity your entire life, it is NOT your fault because you can't fault someone for something they are completely unaware of.

Your brain was simply doing what it believed was in your best interest.

Now the good news is that you can become aware of your subconscious programming, and you have the power to CHANGE IT.

And once you do, your money challenges will simply melt away...

The old code will no longer exist, and any previous resistance that you've ever encountered when it comes to real estate investing, business, or money will vanish...

The same dynamic is taking place for people who have life-long battles with their weight.

Weight loss feels like a battle because there are literally two parts of you that are in an actual conflict... Your conscious desires today, and your subconscious programs from your past.

Some Days your conscious wins through sheer will power, but the moment you lose that focus and strength, you fall back to the default programming.

If you want to change your external results in life, (like your money situation), you have to change your internal programming first.

Unfortunately, the real estate industry, and the entire financial education industry has neglected this fact.

They'll happily hand you an investing strategy, but if you don't have programming that's compatible with that strategy, you're going to lose your money. Every. Single. Time.

I've just scratched the surface on this topic today, but if you want me to walk you through this entire process, how it works... How you can figure out what your subconscious programs consist of, and how to rewrite them, simply book a complimentary coaching call with me...

I've spent many years mastering this topic and re-writing my subconscious money programs.

I went from being in debt to buying, owning, and managing multiple millions worth of real estate.

I fired my boss and built my own company.

I removed the internal beliefs that held me back and threw off the chains.

I'd love to help you do the same.

I’m looking forward to our call. BOOK IT HERE.

C.A.R.E. Coach - Jeffery Woods

Your real estate-based wealth coach,

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