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Recommended Reading

Discover The Top Books Every Wise Real Estate Investor Should Read

The Ultimate Wealth Strategy

Should you flip for big profit or hold for long term wealth? This book teaches you how to do both with the same property. This is the strategy I used to grow my portfolio to over 100 rental units in under 6 years!

Cashflow Quadrant

Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant is a guide to financial freedom. It’s the second book in the Rich Dad Series and reveals how some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and learn to become financially free.

The property management toolbox

If you are a landlord or looking to become one I highly recommend you grab a copy of this book. It will save you from making costly mistakes and teach you how to manage your investment properties effectively.

Real estate joint ventures. The Canadian guide.

This is a powerful strategy. I have personally used this strategy combined with the ULTIMATE WEALTH STRATEGY ( Book listed above) to buy well over ten million dollars worth of real estate! A must read!

real estate investing in Canada

This book will help new investors learn a solid system for real estate investing in Canada.

The RRSP Secret

Learn how to use other peoples RRSP's to grow your real estate portfolio or lend yours out at a much better rate than you are currently getting. Powerful wealth strategy!

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