What Others Have To Say

I take great pride in helping people achieve success and financial independence through real estate investing

Mahavir Nakum

"C.A,R.E. Coaching has a unique process in place when it comes to Real Estate Investment coaching, tailored specifically towards one's goals. With the help of Jeff, today, not only do I have a clear vision of my goals but I also have the tools and mindset to achieve these goals. It gives me immense joy and satisfaction that I am working with Jeff on my Real Estate Investment Journey.

Van Sterijevski

"Just like most people, I have read all of the books, listened to all of the podcast and watched all of the YouTube videos on real estate investing. Yet, I kept spinning my wheels and I couldn't take the first step. Within a few short months, Coach Jeffery helped eliminate the fear that I had about investing and has transformed my life. He has provided all of the tools, the tactics, and the experience needed to help me make my first successful online real estate investment asset. Coach Jeffery is a genuine, nice guy that truly wants to help people out. Now, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am on my way to financial freedom and creating generational wealth for my family. Thank you, Coach Jeffery!!!

John Ribeiro

Thank you, Jeff, for taking the time to have a coaching session with me. It was incredibly informative and strategic! You guided me on taking a structured approach to Real Estate investing. In addition to what you shared about Real Estate, you were attentive, curious, and listened to what I was saying and what I wasn't saying. You took all my questions and provided options to help me reach my financial goal. 


If you have ever contemplated Real Estate as a wealth-building tool, I would highly recommend setting up a Strategy session with Jeff; I know you will walk away feeling confident in your decision to invest in Real Estate, I know I did!

Brent Hurd

"Real estate investing always seemed like it was a rich persons game and one that I would never be able to get involved in. I noticed a post on social media offering a free coaching session... I jumped on the opportunity. Am I ever glad I did. What Jeff Woods taught me is life-changing and showed me through determination and consistent work that my dream of being in the real estate industry is possible and achievable. Buy a copy of the book Jeff co-authored entitled The Ultimate Wealth Strategy, then make the call to Jeff for coaching. This is a game-changer

Dan Desveaux

"As an experienced real estate investor I have worked with several other industry experts but Jeff elevates the coaching experience. Jeff embodies his company brand and truly CARE's about his client's success. His approach to coaching is educational, fun and easy-going. Whether you are a new,  or experienced real estate investor Jeff will customize his coaching to meet you at the level you are at. If you are looking to start, scale, and manage a successful real estate business I would encourage you to hire Jeff as your real estate coach." 

Cody Chemerika

I purchased 2 properties ( 4 rental units) within 5 months of coaching with Jeff. If you are looking to build a lucrative real estate investment business in Canada there is no better coach to hire than Jeff Woods. His style of coaching is fun and informative. He has a way of simplifying things so that anyone can implement them. Jeff is a wealth of knowledge and he has the resources and connections to help ensure your success.

If you are serious about becoming a real estate investor and business owner you will want to invest in coaching with Jeff...it has paid off huge for me and it will for you as well. 

Book your FREE strategy session with Jeff as soon as possible!

Sergio Manzur

"Working with Jeff Woods as my coach has been a true life-changing decision. When I started I knew very little about investing in real estate, but just 15 months later my wife and I acquired 4 properties on our own, and 3 with a JV partner. Jeff support me thru the whole process: selecting the right properties, developing an effective renovation plan, as well as how to add value to a property (from something basic as adding a bedroom or a lipstick renovation, all the way to adding secondary suites to convert single family properties into Duplexes). I now feel confident that I have the necessary knowledge and experience to keep replicating the model and continuing to grow our portfolio. 

I give Jeff credit for teaching me how to invest in real estate, but most importantly, I give Jeff much more credit for helping me develop as an individual. Thru Jeff’s support, I had the chance to work on my vision, goals, mindset and belief systems. These skills are truly what allowed me to confidently take action and overcame all the challenges that I faced along the way! And for sure these skills are helping me in other areas of my life!

Hiring Jeff as my coach has been an excellent investment and an awesome experience!" 

Roger Sherwood

Immediately after joining the C.A.R.E Pack, I Found a lot of value in the C.A.R.EMembership. I received access to a database of established team members including Accountants, Property Managers, Inspectors, and Paralegals just to name a few. I also received access to a large number of documents relating to running my own real estate investing company. The Live Events are also a nice touch in learning and networking with like-minded individuals looking to take themselves and their business to the next level. Shortly after joining, I decided to take it to the next level and join C.A.R.E Coaching. Other investors who are looking at taking the next steps and scaling their real estate portfolio and real estate business should consider doing the same thing. So far, I am well on my way to developing a mindset shift and working with Jeff will take my real estate investing company to new heights more efficiently and quicker then I could have imagined. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter in my real estate company and the C.A.R.E Pack Membership has in store.

Trevor Lass

I started coaching with Jeff to learn how to locate and acquire wealth building real estate assets. Not only has Jeff taught me the in’s and out’s of how to successfully invest in real estate, but more importantly he taught me how to develop systems and a mindset for success that has carried over to all areas of my life – including health, relationships, and self-esteem. It’s been a true pleasure to work with Jeff and it's easily been the best investment I’ve ever made.

Spencer Gatten

Since I have started coaching with Jeff Woods I have accomplished amazing results. I have bought renovated and sold a tri-plex, formed a strategic joint venture partnership, raised capital from multiple sources, and recently bought 4 long-term buy n hold properties. The best part is that I have developed a skill that I can duplicate over and over again. If you are serious about your financial freedom I would highly recommend you reach out to Jeff and see if he will coach you. 

Steve Colwill

I've been extremely interested in the Real Estate space over the past few years and have recently started a coaching with Jeff Woods. In a short time, I have gone from interested to very excited!  Not only has Jeff opened my eyes to new possibilities through Real Estate Investing but he has also helped me improve personal areas of my life as well. Jeff is very passionate about what he does and it shows through his coaching and attitude towards success. Each class is professionally structured and allows you to have fun while learning. I leave each coaching session pumped to return for the next one.  I'm looking forward to the rest of this journey!

Koukun Unosawa

"I met Jeff after investing in Real Estate for over 4 years with a portfolio of 11 doors, however, after attending just one C.A.R.E. meetings Jeff saved me over $6,000 on a renovation project that I am undertaking currently. Jeff is a wealth of information and I would highly recommend becoming a C.A.R.E. Coaching client if you are serious about your financial future.”

Andrew Furry

My experience with Jeff Woods has been immensely pleasurable. His wit and wisdom have been a big part of helping me to achieve the right mindset to ensure my continued success. He also challenges me to continually improve both my business and myself. His advice is sound and founded on his tremendous success in real estate and in life. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him.

Rob Break

Jeff was able to pinpoint key areas of my business model to focus and maximize my returns whether it be in terms of money or time. Straight to the point and speaking from years of experience I feel that his knowledge and desire to see others succeed has truly set me on the right path.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with him.

Carl Pretty

"Jeff, I can honestly say the last six months have been fun, informative and a life-changing experience. I feel your grounded sense of being deserves to be mentioned here, this is what truly drove things home for me. You just immediately relate and instinctively know where to focus your skills and talents. I had no idea when I signed up what I was about to learn regarding real estate investing, let alone myself. You have helped me so much personally with more positive relationships and a more positive belief system, goal achievement, and the ability to plow through in not so motivating times.

Not only do I have a clearer path to financial freedom through real estate, I have a better idea of who I need to Be, do, and have to be successful. Successful in business, relationships, and life.

I know I still have a long journey ahead of me and the best part is I feel I have enough tools in the box now because of your coaching, to make my dreams of financial freedom, and life on my terms a reality.

You should be proud of yourself Jeff and what you can pass on. You are truly an asset to the world!"

Mark Hoerdt

“Joining the C.A.R.E. coaching community has been one of the best decisions I have ever made". Jeff and the members care about the success of each other and encourage and support growth in every way. The real estate investing information provided is essential to building a foundation for, and maintain your investment business. Having Jeff as a resource on your team is priceless. I recommend everyone who wants to make positive, lasting changes in their life to join C.A.R.E. Coaching with Jeff.

David Furry

I first met Jeff Woods about six years ago, when I provided some home inspection service on some of his investment properties. 
Eventually, I became a real estate investor, and Jeff invited me out to his CarePack program when he launched it a few years ago. 
Jeff has a great story to share with fellow investors and is always willing to talk about the topic. He has a commitment and passion to seeing his partners and students achieve their goals, both personally and professionally. 

Part of having an “abundance” for Jeff includes coaching and teaching and learning.  He truly believes that the seeds to our own individual success and enjoyment in our lives, lies within each of us. 

Megan Muir

"Since becoming a CARE Pack member I have created leads for my photography business that have made me far more than the membership cost. That combined with becoming a real estate investor make joining a simple decision for the wise entrepreneur"

Tyler Macwhirter

Jeff, I appreciate everything you have taught me. Your my Bob Proctor and I’m so thankful you took the time to answer my email. You changed my life for the better and I can’t thank you enough for that. I have thoroughly enjoyed our coaching calls; they were one of the things that kept me going during the struggle I was going through. Knowing that I would be connecting with you kept me focused and my mind right. I can’t thank you enough, God bless you! Keep doing your thing!

Corbin Gold

When I first met Jeff I was amazed at the knowledge he had and the professionalism he displayed. At the time, I was a beginner in the investing world. Over the course of the next few months, Jeff helped lay a solid foundation for me to start investing in real estate. His methods for teaching are excellent and he was always very patient with me. Currently, I have just bought my first income property and I’m on my way to financial freedom! I would recommend Jeff and his company to anyone that is looking to start their investing career.

Paul Losier

My wife and I “got in the game” recently by purchasing our first rental property. We didn’t want to sit on the sidelines any longer. For years Jeff had been trying to get us to get in the rental business. What prevented us, was uncertainty and fear. Jeff guided us and coached us along the way as we purchased our first rental property. He took the time to explain and teach us how to proceed with our first purchase. His advice, information and wisdom was of great help as we embarked on this new venture. I recommend your C.A.R.E Pack & Coaching to everyone! We are now looking forward to purchasing our second rental in the near future. Thanks to Jeff and everyone at the WAM Properties team.

Mike Schryer

Jeff Woods knows the answers when it comes to investing in multiple streams of income. In less than a year, Jeff has shown me how to invest in money-making opportunities, so much so that Jeff has helped me acquire 17 profit generating rental units! I’m well on my way to reaching my goal of making more passive income than my expenses thanks to Jeff & His entire team. Leading by example, Jeff not only shares his advice and support but also educates you while helping you make the right decisions to get the maximum ROI you are looking for. Public speaker, Coach, and life enthusiast, Jeff is an entrepreneur that will take you to new heights! I’m sure happy to have met Jeff and to be part of his growing entrepreneurial family.

Adam & Devon Bate

Jeff's Correct Action Real Estate Coaching program was probably one of the best decisions we have ever made. Real estate investing can be a very intimidating process but following with Jeff's program and advice has allowed us to get involved quickly and confidently. Knowing we have someone there to answer questions has been priceless. We recommend WAM Properties, Coaching, and the C.A.R.E Pack to everyone we talk with that are interested in getting involved with real estate investing.